What it means for you
Safety & Health of People through
Improved Air Quality - Lowest VOCs &
Heavy Metals no Carcinogens & Prohibited Ingredients.
Safety of your Built Assets
as the products are Non
Flammable & in Safe pH range.
What it means for the environment
Safety of Water Bodies as maximum
Pollutants are eliminated in the
outflow from buildings.
Least Impact on Rivers, Lakes &
Aquatic Life.
Safety of Soil as no accumulation
of Hazardous Chemicals.

Sustainability in Products - Following the Life Cycle Approach

GreenPro is a mark of guarantee that the product which bears the GreenPro label is environment friendly throughout its life cycle. GreenPro ultimately empowers a customer with the knowledge of the product and steer towards sustainable products.

Sustainability at Manufacturing & Customer End

Water Saving

With Major Emphasis on Water saving initiatives, including on going work on streamlined washing processes, rain water harvesting etc, Haylide aims to achieve highest water efficiency standards.

Energy Saving

From using Efficiency motors to Naturally Lit Manufacturing Facilities Non Conventional Energy Sources like Solar Water Heating etc Haylide is moving towards the best Energy standards in the Industry.

Water & Resource Saving at Customer End

From Manufacturing & Promoting Products that are designed with lowest active ingredients in certain cases like Hand washes or innovating in Cleaning Procedures & way of Usage to reduce Water consumption, Haylide is driving new standards of improving sustainility at Consumer End.

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